About Kolanuts

Who We Are

"The Kolanuts are fruits that are normally offered in secred ceremonies – a privilege for those who split them and a ritual for those who share them"

Africa is unknown to Spain and the rest of the world. It´s principally highlighted for its problems or its defects: - hunger, terrorism, wars, corruption, deseases, poverty, etc. The promotion and development of its culture passes through an acceptance of its existance and a natural coexistence in the society.

To this end, the associationism and the associative work play a key role. It is within this framework of communion that Kolanuts is born with the aim of integrating the african culture in Spain, so that artists and musicians resident in the country can have access to the tools, enabling them to develop their skills and at the same time, organizations, foundations, promoters and societies of management companies can collaborate in the dissemination of their work, allowing access to their work, creating a better understanding of his art and culture.

Kolanuts has been recognized as part of the cultural life in the society but within the customary circuits of access to culture, rather than as a separate reality but integrated. In this way, the African culture is accessible to all, its history and of course, its artists. The recognition of the functions of Kolanuts in Spain perfectly integrated, allows Kolanuts highlight the virtues of the African continent and at the same time, enriches the cultural circuits of Spain.

Kolanuts promotes and preserves African arts. For instance work of arts such as masks, African tales and etnical instruments. These revitalize the African artists in Spain to develop their profesions and at the same time rescue the anonymity.

President: Tchatchoua Justin Leukam