• Interview with Justin Tchatchoua in Mundo Negro

    Interview with Justin Tchatchoua in Mundo Negro

    Justin Tchatchoua is 51 years old and has devoted his life to music from an early age. Born in Cameroon, "a country called Africa in miniature" because of the variety of ethnicities, languages, landscapes and rhythms. Since 1983 lives in Spain, where he has formed groups of their own (as Afrobrass) has been Rita Marley leaderband in concerts across the country, and has collaborated with artists such as Las Hijas del Sol, Enrique Urquijo and Los Problemas. After undergoing reggae, jazz and other styles has decided to return to the roots. "I play everything I see around. I am inspired by all the instruments. Now it was time to promote mine." In "A Walk in the African ethnic instruments" Justin wants to approach, through stories and music, roots music of his homeland.

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